How does compile the data?

The list is compiled through numerous public resources on the internet and offline sources.

How often is the list updated?

The list is literally updated every day. On average we add 50,000 new records monthly AND remove approximately 20000 records that were once good but became bad.

Can I see a FREE sample before I buy?

Sure Click Here

Can I update the list in the future?

Yes at any time current pricing is 5 cents per net new record.

Does add additional data into the records over time?

Yes we add new information to the list every day.

Does offer any guarantees on the quality of its data?

Yes If within the first 14 days after purchase the list has in excess of a 1% “hard bounce” ratio I will refund the proportionate amount paid or replace the records. Of note, I generally supply more records on each order than originally quoted. Again, I am adding to the list every day.

Can I publish the data on my own website?

No Please see the Terms of Use found at the bottom of this page.

Upon purchase do I own the list?

Yes and you can send emails to the people as often as you wish. My suggestion is weekly.

How are the records sent to me after purchase?

The records are sent via email, generally within minutes, after the payment posts.

What format are the records delivered to me in?

Excel/.xlsx format

Can I sort the list?

Of course. Simple excel sorting

Are there any email compliance regulations?

Yes the CAN-SPAM Act. We advise you to be in compliance when sending emails. Please consult with your attorney for guidance OR Google FCC CAN-SPAM Regulations. We strongly advise you to use a quality 3rd party email service provider to send blast emails. I can offer you many options.

Are there any Do Not Call regulations?

Please consult with your attorney regarding this issue.

How many licensed and registered loan officers are in the United States?

As of 12/31/19 there were 569,000 loan officers according to the 2019 NMLS Annual report. Google it you might learn some additional information in their publication.

Other than email marketing and telemarketing how can the list be used?

Research FaceBook Custom Audiences and FaceBook Look-A-Like audiences. If you need a referral for a company to do this for you let me know.

Are the email addresses work or personal?

The email addresses are generally work email addresses. Figure 70% are work and 30% personal. This is on purpose for 2 main reasons. 1.) It is easier to inbox and email into a work address as opposed to a personal one. 2.) When loan officers leave the industry they generally do not terminate their personal email addresses. I am looking for a very high level of list quality.

Can provide references?

Yes let me know. You can call or email them.

How do I pay for the list?

I invoice via Paypal where you can pay with a credit card.

Should you have any further questions or clarifications please let me know. Bottom line though is that my list is superb!! You will not be disappointed.

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