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Jay Dunsing

Hello My name is Jay Dunsing and thanks for visiting my site and this page.

You should be asking yourself why should I trust this guy and are his specialty lists really that good? I certainly would be asking these questions as every list company out there claims to have the best list at the lowest prices.

The 3 lists available in is what I work on developing and enhancing every single day. The project began in June of 2016 when I needed a loan officer list. Of course, I went to the internet and Googled Loan Officer Contact List and found several companies. So I purchased some state records from several companies. AND…long story short the lists were terrible and I was disappointed. Discouraged but intent on email marketing loan officers across the country I started developing the list myself and for my own purposes.

As the list grew in size, I offered the list to a company so that they could market their service to loan officers. Their results were outstanding and I continue to sell them new records regularly. More intent than ever, I began to develop the list faster and more aggressively without sacrificing quality.

I then commenced to market the list to mortgage companies for recruiting purposes and business development. Within two weeks I sold state lists to several mortgage companies. Their results were better than the initial client.

Being an entrepreneur, I thought the list could help me create a business. I was right. The next issue I thought about was would there be any issues if I created a business. The main one that surfaced in my mind was complaints about list quality. This potential issue though could be avoided if I only sold quality data. And this is exactly what I have--quality data at value prices. To date never a complaint—and never is the correct word.

Fast forward to now. I offer 3 financial services contact databases that can be used for recruiting and business development. I offer email services to the lists for entities that want to approach the entire national databases. And lastly, I offer a blast email service platform for companies that want to send to the lists that they purchase from me.

I look forward to working with you. You will not be disappointed.

Best regards,

Jay Dunsing
Direct 260-223-9203

Jennifer Swanson
National Sales Manager
Direct 260-223-9203

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