Mastering Short-Form Videos: The Real Estate Professional’s Guide

Mortgage News May 9, 2023

In marketing, video content is potent, and it’s crucial for real estate professionals to utilize it. Short-form videos are gaining popularity, and in 2023, they are the focus of marketers. According to a HubSpot report, 30% of marketers plan to invest more in short-form videos, which is the most effective and popular social media content format.

Most marketers define short-form video as anything less than 60 seconds, while some set the limit at three minutes. Bite-sized and easy-to-consume, short-form videos are ideal for scrolling through and viewing in multiples. TikTok leads in short-form content, but YouTube and Instagram are also joining the trend.

Short videos are highly preferred by consumers, with 73% preferring them to learn about products and services. These videos have high ROI, better engagement, and are more likely to go viral. TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts are popular platforms for sharing short-form videos, although there is pending legislation on TikTok’s use. Focusing on Reels and Shorts may be a safer bet.

Short-form videos can be a powerful tool for real estate professionals in marketing. To leverage their potential, it’s best to keep an eye on popular trends and create relevant content for your audience. If you have long-form content, consider breaking it up into smaller chunks. Keep your videos under 60 seconds, record vertically, and use captions, as many viewers watch videos without sound.

Real estate agents can use short-form videos in various ways.

  • Creating virtual property tours using a phone camera to highlight features and unique selling points is a great idea.
  • A Q&A format works well, too, based on the questions clients ask the most or followers’ submissions on social media.
  • Neighborhood spotlights, tips for specific audiences like first-time buyers or families, and home staging tips are also good options.
  • Local trends and client testimonials can be discussed in videos, and shorter clips can be used as intros or teasers for longer content.

Short-form video content is convenient for real estate professionals as it requires less editing, can be made on-the-go, and doesn’t require as much time or money as longer videos. The organic nature of short-form videos allows for more spontaneity and flexibility in the creation process. Additionally, audiences prefer shorter videos, making them a more effective marketing tool.

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