Enhancing Home Values: The Impact Of Luxury Appliances And Amenities

Mortgage News April 17, 2023

If you’re planning to sell your home this spring, there are certain features and amenities that can help you command a higher sale price and sell your home faster, according to a recent report by Zillow. The study analyzed around 2 million home sales in 2022 and examined 271 features and design terminologies mentioned in listing descriptions.

Chef-friendly amenities such as steam ovens, pizza ovens, and professional-grade appliances can sell for as much as 5.3% more than similar homes without them, adding up to about $17,400 on a typical U.S. home. Trendy statement features like terrazzo floors and she sheds can contribute to an estimated 2.5% sale premium when mentioned in a listing description.

On the other hand, some features may hurt a home’s resale value, such as tile countertops, laminate flooring or countertops, and walk-in closets. Homebuyers are showing interest in contemporary finishes, opting for fashionable terrazzo floors and surfaces, and textured soapstone countertops instead of traditional marble and granite. Properties featuring terrazzo flooring can fetch 2.6% higher prices, while those with soapstone countertops can sell for 2.5% more and in four days less time compared to similar homes if they are mentioned in the listing description.

Apart from practical features, homes that sell faster than anticipated also tend to have sought-after amenities like doorbell cameras, heat pumps, and fenced backyards. Upgrading to a doorbell camera and open shelving are relatively cost-effective options that can enhance a home’s functionality and accelerate the selling process by five and three days, respectively.

Homebuyers who can afford to pay above and beyond typical market value are willing to splurge on fun features designed to impress. In the post-pandemic era, homebuyers are looking for multi-functional properties that provide secluded areas for relaxation and outdoor entertainment features. These types of homes are particularly attractive to buyers who want their homes to serve as both a living and working space. Mentioning unique features such as saltwater pools, pizza ovens, outdoor kitchens, or putting greens in a property’s listing description can distinguish it from other homes for sale in the area and boost its selling potential.

Having the assistance of a local real estate agent who possesses extensive market knowledge can be beneficial for home sellers to emphasize the appropriate features that can maximize their sale price.

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