Creating Killer Social Media Content: Top Tips You Need To Know

Mortgage News February 12, 2023

The use of social media to build networks, generate leads and personify a brand is no secret. Most industry professionals utilize social media in some form or another as one of the best sources of high-quality leads.

You can break through the noise by developing content that is driven by clear goals and authenticity. Follow the four tips that follow and your content will be good to go.

Right Platform for the Right Audience

Developing a social media strategy does not require overextending yourself or your resources. The more platforms you try to use, the more exhausted you’ll become and the more frustrated you’ll become.

Start posting on LinkedIn if you want to reach tech professionals who prefer to read white papers rather than watch fun reels. In order to maintain a healthy presence on the site, you should post three or five times a week.

The majority of your posts should be on Instagram if your target market is first-time home buyers. If you’re feeling ambitious, you might try TikTok. The algorithms on these platforms will be more responsive to light-hearted, visually compelling content.

Clear Call-To-Action

If you unforcedly incorporate unique calls-to-action into your posts, you can collect contact information, get feedback, encourage purchases, and provide valuable content. Take the wheel with your creativity and personality. The message “let’s stay connected” is much more likely to get an audience’s attention than the message “buy now.”

Diversifying your approach is also important. You can write the CTA on the screen, include it in your caption, or say it out loud.

Use of Platform Features

Reels, Stories, and Carousels provide real estate agents and brokers with a quick way to showcase properties, share market information, and introduce potential buyers to your listings. You can easily captivate an audience with a highly visual, highly interactive presentation.

Personified Content

Faces can be intimidating when it comes to business content. In order to drive home their message, some prefer to stay out of the limelight and rely on other creative elements. Although that can work sometimes, the data shows that most consumers rally behind brands that they sense a connection with, particularly those that have put a human face on their brand. In the beginning, you might find it difficult, but it will become easier as you generate supportive responses.

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